What Happens Next: A Gallimaufry

Foz Meadows is a bipedal cismammal with delusions of immortality. Also, she writes fantasy novels. (And fanfic on AO3 as Sysrae, because fanfic is awesome.)

and so saying, she logged out of tumblr until the 4th of July was over, because there’s only so many times you can look at the same fucking pictures of an eagle on a flag and CGI Abe Lincoln riding a bear and wielding a semiautomatic before you want to stab yourself in the eye¬†

  1. capriciousnerd said: This is where I wonder who you’re following and why you’re following them, haha.
  2. bunstrousfur said: I completely understand - but I must say I’m surprised that you’re following enough ‘super-patriotic’ and uncritical people for that to be all over your dash!
  3. allsineed said: Follow some other people?
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